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     Everyone wants to be wanted. There is so much that goes into the college recruiting process from a player's perspective as well as a college coaches' perspective.  Here at Lexie Gerson Basketball, we break down what it is going to look like from both ends of the spectrum. We will help provide clarity of what the recruiting process will entail along with how we approach each step together. It is a very exciting time in a young athletes journey but, can also be extremely overwhelming. Help us help you! Let's get after it together!

Find out more about our recruiting services and what we can do for you!

College Prep & Recruiting

College Preparation

     Now that you have started to settle in with your recruiting process or have already committed to a school, what comes next? How do you get prepared for the next level? And what is it that you need to be doing on and off the court? 

     At Lexie Gerson Basketball we help create clear measurable goals together. We will outline the steps we will be taking on the path to an upcoming successful college playing career. 

To learn more about our College Prep curriculum please contact us.

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