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Nutrition & Performance

Train Hard Fuel Hard


     Would you put low grade fuel in a high performance Lamborghini? Of course not! Our bodies are like cars, our performance is determined by the quality of fuel and preparation that we put into it.

     Nutrition is one of the most important, yet most frequently overlooked aspect of sports. To be able to compete at the highest level physically and mentally you must fuel your body with the proper nutrients that it needs. At Lexie Gerson Basketball we help guide our athletes to better eating habits to play and feel at their best. Every athletes meal plan is specifically constructed for them and the goals they wish to obtain. 

     To find out more information on our custom individual meal plans, please click here to contact us.

Custom Meal Plans

Custom Workout Plans

Strength Training

Performance Training

Elite Conditioning Training

Performance Training

     Athleticism and body control are two major components to the sport of basketball. How fluidly and controlled an athlete can move, shapes the way their game is conducted. Being explosive, strong, quick, and in control are all elements of the game that can be learned.


     At Lexie Gerson Basketball we help our athletes build and sculpt their bodies to best fit their desired goals. We work hard in the weight room and on the court to become more powerful and explosive while still being agile and swift. Not only do we help our athletes reach their physical goals, but we also train them to understand how to control them. Everyone has their own rhythm , and together we will help find and shape yours. 

    If you are interested in strength and movement training, please click here to contact us. 

Strength Training

     Lexie Gerson Basketball provides two different resources for strength training. If you are interested in weight training with LGB, please contact us to set up your first training session. 

     LGB also has individualized weight training custom workouts available. This includes 5 total different workouts in a package. In the package you will receive 2 basketball specific strength training workouts, 1 circuit training workout, and 2 conditioning workouts. 

     To find out more information on our custom individual workout plans, please click here. 

Lead Training Coach Lex running an Elite Conditioning session.

Meghan Barbera showing her speed during a sprint workout with Coach Lex.

Elite Conditioning

     Every athlete despises getting in shape, but loves to be in shape.  At Lexie Gerson Basketball we provide a program for all different levels that will not only get you in shape, but in elite shape to be able to perform at your highest. This elite conditioning program is a high intensity workout that takes place on the court and is basketball specific. Our program is designed to build mental toughness, teamwork, leadership, and get you prepared for the next level. It is not possible to perform at your highest level if you are not in great physical condition.


     If you are interested in getting after it with us, please click here to contact us. 

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