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LGB Certified Trainers
What does it mean to be a LGB Certified Trainer?

All LGB trainers meet the following qualifications and undergo a professional development program before becoming a certified LGB trainer. The program entails...

     In order to become a Lexie Gerson Basketball Certified Trainer, candidates must complete a 10-hour orientation period within 30 consecutive days. During this period, candidates will observe and participate in LGB training sessions. Candidates will be developed and evaluated by their mentor and must demonstrate competency as an LGB Trainer, meet or exceed LGB Trainer expectations set forth below and exhibit a thorough understanding of LGB curriculum before earning LGB Trainer Certification.


  • Successful basketball playing career and/or coaching track record/reputation

  • Energetic, knowledgeable, engaging, professional, adaptable, expert communicator, great with kids, open to feedback, and eager to learn and make others better.

  • Compliance with PA ACT 153 and W9 paperwork

  • CPR/First Aid Certification

  • Completion of LGB Trainer Development Program



  • LGB Trainers will be assigned lessons each week as per LGB training schedule

  • Be prepared with knowledge of client’s name/age/gender/position/goals.

  • Have a workout plan that is approved by Coach Lex but be ready to adapt based on client’s ability/circumstances/needs.

  • Be on time, dress professionally, and communicate clearly. 

  • Be able to verbalize in several different ways not only what we are working on but, WHY we are working on that given topic. 

  • Every trainer will fully understand all of our LGB specific skills technique in all player development categories. 

  • Be approachable, friendly and engaging with all clients (players and parents).

  • Be able to answer any questions or concerns from the player or parents regarding training technique. 

  • Establish clear expectations and perimeters with clients at start of lesson.

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