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Lexie Gerson Basketball, LLC. presents:


Philly's most comprehensive AAU program:


Final_SelectLGB_Logos copy_edited.png
Final_SelectLGB_Logos copy_edited.png
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The Basics:

  • Year five (2023-2024): five teams

    • LGB Select 2025

    • LGB Select 26/27

    • LGB Select 2028

    • LGB Select 2029

    • LGB Select 29/30 Silver

  • Year four (2022-2023): five teams

    • LGB Select 2024

    • LGB Select 2025

    • LGB Select 2026 

    • LGB Select 2028

    • LGB Select 2029

  • Year three (2021-2022): four teams

    • LGB Select 2024

    • LGB Select 2025

    • LGB Select 2026 

    • LGB Select 2028

  • Year two (2020-2021): five teams

    • LGB Select 2024

    • LGB Select 2025

    • LGB Select 2026 Blue

    • LGB Select 2026 Silver

    • LGB Select 2028

  • Year one (2019-2020): three teams

    • LGB Select 2024

    • LGB Select 2025 Silver

    • LGB Select 2026 Blue

  • Teams train out of Barrack Hebrew Academy Gym in Bryn Mawr, PA in the spring, summer and fall for a total of 30-35 practices. 

    • Some teams will practice on the same night to foster a sense of camaraderie.

    • We practice more than we play. Expect 60-80 hours of training hours, virtual film sessions, strength training, and individual player meetings for every team.

  • Each team will participate in approx. 7-10 elite events throughout the year.

    • Schedules will be communicated well in advance for family planning purposes via Teamsnap.

    • Middle school and youth level events are local.

    • High School teams will attend showcases during live recruiting periods, which will entail travel (hotels, flights)

  • Player Gear pack includes:

    • Practice pinnie

    • Nike practice shorts

    • Nike Warm up top

    • Nike T-shirt

    • Custom Nike Uniforms​

    • Mini Resistance Band

  • Additional fan/player gear available for purchase during two online gear stores. (Next store opens Winter 2023-24)

  • We pay our coaches for their time and travel!!

  • Tuition varies per level/age and is communicated at tryouts. 

    • Tuition includes all year-long expenses other than personal travel.

      • Uniforms, player gear packs, coaching fees, facility costs, tournament fees, etc. are all included.

      • There are no add-on costs throughout the year.

    • Parents select between 3 payment plans and pay tuition online through our teamsnap account. 

    • Fundraising opportunities for families to subsidize tuition.

What Makes us Different:

  • We vet, train and hire professional non-parent coaches and pay them for their time.

  • We develop our players. Players undergo measurable growth each season.

  • Every coach goes above and beyond; hosting player role/goal-setting meetings, virtual film break down, and end of the season player evaluation meetings. 

  • Every training session/practice has a deliberate and detailed practice plan.

  • We wear college-caliber Nike apparel (look good, play good!)

  • We are a certified AAU program that qualifies us to compete in AAU sanctioned events. 

  • We provide expert college recruiting guidance. 

  • We have a professional admin team handling all the details so parents and coaches don't have to.

The Why:

Lexie has been building her private/group training business since she returned to the Philadelphia area in 2016 after a decorated professional and collegiate playing career.  She has spent the last 5 years earning respect as a top basketball trainer and mentor of boys/girls of all ages.  Upon her immediate return, she spent time coaching AAU for the Philadelphia Belles, training AAU programs/teams, developing players, building relationships, and got to know the local AAU landscape.  The current state of AAU led her to believe that she can offer a program that better serves the players and those that support them.  Players and their families deserve an incredible and rewarding experience, and that is exactly what Coach Lex provides with LGB Select.


Coach Lex’s AAU philosophy has set her apart from the gate.  First, she runs a professional organization that collects and distributes tuition and expenses responsibly and transparently.  She pays her coaches fairly and takes the admin, tuition collection and travel planning off their plates, so they can focus on coaching and developing LGB SELECT players.  She has credible, PA ACT 153 certified coaches who model great attendance and foster a welcoming yet competitive culture.  The focus is on player/team development in the practice setting so players can diligently rep the right techniques to form great habits. Plan to spend a lot more time at practice than at events.  Coach Lex and her coaching staff personally invest in every player and family in the program.  Lexie attends every team’s practice to aid in the development of every member of LGB Select.  Rest assured, when a player wears LGB SELECT across her chest, she is truly a product of Coach Lex’s mentorship, values and curriculum.  LGB Select carefully chooses events that make the most financial and competitive sense.  Players are taught the game of basketball, so they gain a deep understanding of the fundamental concepts necessary to advance their game. Coach Lex teaches players the “why”.  She is hard on them and holds them to a high standard of excellence, teaching them life lessons and developing their character along the way.  She is honest with her feedback and empowers each player to maximize their potential.  And most importantly, through her infectious positive energy, she fosters a competitive, energetic and fun environment where players retain their love for basketball. 


Emme G - Select 2028
What makes us Different
A. Murphy - Select 2028
S. Rutherford - Select 2024
S. Allocca - Select 2024
Screen Shot 2023-08-17 at 5.21.03 PM.png
R. Lanouette - Select 2025
K. Milliken - Select 2028
L. Shaw - Select 2026
Ruth L. 2025 team_
Kenna Driving_edited.jpg
O. Voshell - Select 2025
Coach Leah M & Coach CJ
Coach Lex
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