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Gerson Grind Curriculum
Fall 2023

2022 HS Grind


Session #1 – “Footwork & Finishes”: The first session will be focused on footwork and finishes. A big proportion of this session will be about the art of the jab step and the multiple dimensions of one’s “first step.”  We will hone in on our rip work off the catch while creating layers of space for optimal decision making from the offensive perspective. This will include how to take an opponent’s space and momentum and use it against them as an attacker. Then we will put our new footwork to the test and get crafty and athletic with our finishes around the rim!

Session #2 – “Mid-Range Master”: For the second session we will be focusing primarily on rhythm, timing, and shooting. We will warm up by finding our own dance and individual rhythm.  Everyone has a rhythm; we just have to find yours!  One main focus will be on a Gerson specialty - the mid-range game.  Everyone wants to learn fancy finishes and shoot deep 3’s, but majority of the game is played in all the space between the two. This session will be focused on everything that is “mid-range” oriented, which includes all pull-up jumper variations, runners, and floaters.  We are going to be explosive and master the beautiful lost art of a mid-range jumper! #MidRangeSpecialist


Session #3 – “2 Man Swag”: The last session of the first grind will be dedicated to the 2 man game.   We will focus on both the offensive and the defensive side of 2 man play.  On the offensive side, we will look at screening technique, variety ways to pass, and how to make the correct read based on how the defense plays the screen.  On the flip side, defensively we will lock in on multiple ways on how to guard a ball screen.  We will briefly go over how to switch, hedge, trap, go under/over, jam, and ice wing ball screens. This will be a great session for all of our post players to show off and dominate the paint!  We will finish out the session with competing against each other to find the swaggiest #GersonPerson Duo!




Session #4 – “The Zone Buster”: The first session of the second grind will be focused all on shooting and passing! This will primarily include shooting off the catch and being able to pass off the move with both hands in a variety of ways. One of the hardest things as a shooter is being able to sprint full speed off ball and have the footwork, body control, timing, and rhythm on HOW to be a consistent successful sharp shooter from anywhere and everywhere on the floor. Let’s get locked and loaded!

Session #5 - “Defense & Decision Making”: This session will be focused on two extremely important components of basketball – Defense and Decision Making. We will learn multiple new ways to approach the defensive end both on ball and off ball. We will learn to understand our own length, speed and timing in relation to ourselves and others on the defensive end. The second half of the session will be all about how to make quick decisions on offense based upon what/where/who the D is. We will build off of and use everything that we learned from our first 4 sessions of the Fall 2023 Grind! Heart, Hustle & Basketball IQ!

Session #6 – “The Workhorse”: The final on court session of the 2nd Grind will be about all the intangibles things you don’t see in a stat sheet.  Little things are big things! It will be about leadership, attention to detail, communication, teamwork, high positive energy, approach, competing at all times, and being able to focus and thrive in chaos.  Losers find an excuse and winners find a way to win. We must learn to OUTWORK our opponents. This grind will be a GRIND. It will be blue collar and gritty for 120 minutes!  We will crave hard work and we will fall in love with the journey.  Champions make everyone else around them better. We measure our individual value, by how many other people we lift up and bring with us. We will start out the session by using the first 20 minutes to expand our mental game with our Mental Conditioning Guest Coach.  We will be competing from the start to the finish. The #GersonPerson who proves they embody that mentality the most will earn themselves the honor of “The Workhorse” of the Fall 2023 Gerson Grind! The winner will also be taking home some brand new exclusive fresh LGB gear! Let’s get it, let’s get it, let’s get it!!! Grind Time!

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